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National Trademark Investigators Launch New Website – Fake Finder

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Consumers and brand owners stand to benefit from, a new website launched by California private investigation firm National Trademark Investigations (NTI) to facilitate the identification and reporting of counterfeit goods. makes it possible for consumers to submit suspected knock-offs for evaluation. Each “fake finder” report is evaluated to make a determination, working with brand owners whenever possible, as to the authenticity of the item reported. Confirmed counterfeits or “fakes” are posted to the site’s gallery, becoming a searchable resource for other consumers.

According to the Global Intellectual Property Center of the U.S. Department of Commerce, intellectual property theft costs U.S. businesses between $200 billion and $250 billion each year and the loss of 750,000 jobs, and poses risks to public health and safety through exposure to and use of counterfeit products.

“ has been created to help combat the problem of counterfeiting in three ways,” explained Mike Santoni, president of NTI, which initiated the project. “First, consumers can reach out for help determining whether an item they have purchased is legitimate branded merchandise, or a knock-off. Secondly, each time is able to conclusively identify and report on a counterfeit, it adds to the searchable gallery on the site as a resource for the public. And finally, it provides brand owners with a new source of information about knock-offs that they can use in their anti-counterfeiting efforts.”

Reports of counterfeit items can be submitted through anonymously. “We thought it was important that consumers be able to use the site without having to identify themselves, so there’s no reason not to submit a question or report through the site,” explained Scott Rutherford, director of marketing for NTI. “Our objective is to develop intelligence about knock-offs and how they are distributed and sold, which will help consumers better inform themselves and help brand owners protect the integrity of their brands, products and reputations.”

The site is located at

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