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My New Year’s Wishes for IP Enforcement

Ah, it’s the end of the year and the time for all the “best of” lists and “predictions” for the year to come.

I don’t have either of these, but I do have some thoughts on some things I would like to see start to develop next year.

First – I would like to see some enforcement conferences where presenters do not rehash the same old tired slogans and statistics.  I am guilty of this too – so I pledge to reform.

Second – I would like to see Brand Owners start to spend the money in their enforcement budgets that is commensurate with the problem.  The bad guys are simply outspending the good guys.  Yes, I know that times are tough, but how many layoffs and budget cuts do you think the pirates and counterfeiters experienced during the past two years?  Come on, if this is really the “crime of the 21st century,” shouldn’t the companies that are getting harmed the most do a little more about it?

Third – I would like to see more action and less lip service from government agencies all over the world.  It’s too easy now to say that you are doing something about a problem.  Don’t show up at a meeting and profess your concern about an issue and then forget about it as soon as you leave the hall.

Fourth – I would like to find some way to fund police departments around the word in developing countries so that they can get the training and have the equipment they need to get the job done.

Fifth – I would like to see China cut the supply of counterfeit products to the rest of the world by at least 30%.

OK, the last wish is a real pipe dream, I grant you.  But maybe we can do something about the other four?

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