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US Secretary Of State Gives A Strong Speech In China

United States Secretary of Sate, Gary Locke, delivered a strong speech in Guangzhou in Southern China last week, criticising the Chinese and Provincial governments for  not doing more to stop counterfeiting and piracy.    Locke said that “Chinese enforcement of IP laws is often uneven and penalties are often too mild to act as a deterrent.”

Locke asked the Chinese for three things:

1. Eliminate the overlapping jurisdictions of the different agencies in charge of IP enforcement;

2.  Apply the existing IP laws consistently; and

3.  Make more frequent use of criminal procedures.

Criminal references are very low in China where most of the enforcement is done through the administrative AIC agencies.  The fines that the AISs levy are pretty pathetic in comparison to the money the counterfeiters and pirates make and do not act in any way as a deterrent to future conduct.

One interesting thing is that Locke is a Chinese American, whose family came from a village in the South of China near Guangzhou.  One wonders what the Chinese audience thought of Secretary Locke’s speech from this perspective.

Unfortunately, I doubt seriously that this will have much of any effect on the level of enforcement in China, but it’s good to see the USG giving it the old collage try.

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