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IP Owners Need To Do More – Including Spending MONEY

I have been to many, many IP conferences in my long professional life, including many that focus on IP Enforcement, including the issue of the counterfeiting of products.  One thing that is NEVER discussed at these conferences, as far as I know, is the pathetically small amount of money that the IP Owners send on the enforcement of their IP rights. Oh, I know, this will not ab a very popular topic in this era of economic hard times – but come on folks, seriously, how many cutbacks and layoffs do you think the counterfeiters and pirates have had in the past two years?  The IP Owners are squeezing their enforcement budgets just at the time when the bad guys are making a lot of hay as consumers search for cheaper alternative to brand goods.

The problem is that the harm to the brand and in some cases the harm to the consumer is the same in good times and bad.  The same policy justifications exist now for a vigorous enforcement program now as they did in 2007.  There simply is no way that the IP Owners are spending enough money to fight some of their most direct and pernicious competitors – the counterfeiters and the pirates.  Come on guys – ante up!

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