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The Value Of IP Conferences

My partner, Jose Werner, and I are attending the Fall Meeting of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coaliton (the “IACC”) in Atlanta Georgia over the next three days.  I often feel a little bit ambivalent when attending IP conferences.  Are they really worth the money it costs for the registration fee, the travel, the hotels, the meals, etc.  Last night we met up with some old friends who I had not seen in a couple of years and they introduced us to an in-house lawyer and a potential client.  Meeting old friends and making new ones certainly can make the trip a valuable experience.  If we are able to provide some services for our friends in the future, the trip will be definitely worthwhile.  I will be reporting here about my experiences from this conference here on the Ipenforcement blog.  Stay tuned.

What do you guys think of the value of IP conferences?

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